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We are inviting you to be one of 2,000 beta testers

Because we are a new start-up in the automated email marketing industry, we would love to initially invite 2,000 customers to help beta test our platform in order to ensure there are no bugs or errors. It is important to us to receive feedback so that we can create the best possible service for our amazing clients.

Since this is a beta version, running on a small pilot test scale, we may not have achieved perfection yet. However, the key word there is ‘yet’ because with your help we can make Zendable as beautiful, streamlined, simple, and effective as possible. 

Once we are proven ready, we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and Indiegogo around mid 2021. Upon successful funding, we will then be able to expand our capacity from a small pilot test environment to a small commercial scale for each of our backers.

As a special thank-you to all our backers and supporters, we will be offering up to a 70% discount off our email marketing price plans.

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About Zendable

We are a small team of individuals with a big passion to help small businesses around the world to easily manage their email campaigns professionally using our simple automation tools.

Like all good service providers, we have done all the hard work for you. This allows you to enjoy our user-friendly email design and distribution software at the click of a button in your next campaign, as well as showing your boss all the statistical reports they never even imagined possible.

Please enjoy our Freemium plan, and let us know how it has helped your business succeed.

Become an Email Marketing Expert!

From Importing contacts to creating your professional email template, our platform has everything you need to design and send your perfect email marketing campaign. Become an email marketing professional today, without needing any training or knowledge of coding!

Import Your Contacts

Easily import your contacts from .txt or .csv file formats. Choose to either sync files together or split a large file into multiple smaller ones.

Awesome Editor

Over 200 responsive email templates to choose from. Use our drag & drop editor or import your own campaign template.

Schedule to Send  

Instantly send your personalized email campaign or schedule a future date and time to send, according to your recipients' time zone.

Campaign Statistics

Our great statistical reports include which recipient opened and clicked on your email campaign, information about hard bounces, unsubscribes, geographical location, and more.

Automated Filtering 

Save hours, days, weeks, and months with our automated filtering tool that allows you to process duplicate email addresses, bounces, and unsubscribe emails requests.

Total Solution

We provide all of these advanced features even to Freemium customers. This will help your company grow smarter and faster.

Create High Quality and Responsive Email Campaigns!

User Friendly Tools

Over 200 responsive email templates to choose from, including a wide variety of industries such as Real Estate, Higher Education, Non-Profit, Memberships, Health, Media and Publishing, Recruitment, Telecommunications, Finance and Legal, Travel & Transport, Hospitality, Merchandise, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and many more.

Import Your own Templates

Easily import your own templates, artwork, photos, videos and edit them to create your own unique email campaign.

Full Responsive

Our responsive email templates automatically adapt to the size of most mobile, tablet, and monitor screens on the market today, meaning your customers will be able to view them anywhere and everywhere.

Advanced Marketing Tools To Generate Leads

Imagine sending 6,000 emails to 6,000 contacts every month at the click of a button and all for free! Not only this, but our statistical report can also tell you exactly which recipient engaged with your email campaign.

Given to a very top sales manager, this vital information will allow them to decide what CTA (Call-To-Action) to take next, specifically influenced by cold, hard facts. Either followed up by an autoresponder email next week offering a further discount, or by a personal telephone call to get this order completed.

Contacting all 6,000 customers manually each month would be an impossible task, as it averages about 200 calls each day. What if 300 recipients clicked your email campaign, calling all 300 averages to only 10 calls per day. Using our email marketing campaign software makes contacting leads quicker, more achievable, and far more efficient.

Give your top sales manager our complete range of email marketing and statistical tools, and you are guaranteed to achieve higher sales and net profits each and every year.

These incredible results are even possible on our Freemium plan, with zero cost each month. When we prove the worth of our software to your business, showing how we can save not only valuable time and money, but grow your sales and profits too, then you can treat us to a cup of coffee by upgrading to a higher paid plan from just $10 USD per month.  

Simple Pricing Structure for all Services!

Scalable plans for every company size. Start now for free and upgrade anytime. 

.USD 0

Freemium Plan

* Unlimited Subscribers 
* 200 emails/day
* 6,000 emails/month
* Drag & Drop Editor
* 200+ Email Templates
* Advanced Statistics

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From USD10

 Basic Starter Plan

* Unlimited Subscribers 
* 30,000 emails/month
* No daily sending limit
* Drag & Drop Editor
* 200+ Email Templates
* Advanced Statistics

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From USD 70

Advanced Business Plan

* Unlimited Subscribers 
* 100,000 emails/month
* No daily sending limit
* Drag & Drop Editor
* 200+ Email Templates 
* Advanced Statistics 

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From USD 50

Pay As You Go Plan

* Unlimited Subscribers 
* 50,000 emails/year 
* No daily sending limit
* Drag & Drop Editor
* 200+ Email Templates 
* Advanced Statistics 

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FroM USD 40

Email Verification 5K

- Item: ZeroBounce-5K
- 5,000 email verification credits
- Integrated with to remove hard bounces & spam traps  
* Email Verification credits expire one year from purchase date 

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.USD 30

Dedicated IP

- Item: Dedicated IP Address
- Upgrade to a Dedicated IP address
- Price: Usd 360 billed annually
* Recommended for all professional organizational sending important information to your clients 

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Offering Freemium plans now to first 2,000 customers who volunteer to be beta testers.

Paid plans will not be available until January 2021. If you would like to join us as a beta tester, please register now. Limited spots still available!
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"I am very honored to be one of the first 2,000 customers selected for beta testing Zendable’s automated email marketing platform. I hope their new project and campaign will be a big success!   
“I am also looking forward to the future 70% discount on the Kickstarter & Indiegogo crowdfunding platforms. These are the very best prices I have ever seen from my experience using other Email Service Providers (even without the 70% discount.)"

Amy Law 

Chan Dynasty Plastics Mfy Ltd


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Over 200 free responsive email template designs to choose from, allowing you to swiftly and simply send your perfect email campaign.

At Zendable, we are a small but passionate and growing company. Our success relies on all our customer's feedback, including recommending any changes or additions we can make to ensure our service helps you to grow effectively.

Feel free to contact us. We are always here to listen to our customers.

Zendable Limited (Headquarters)
Unit 606, 6th Floor, Block B, Veristrong Industrial Centre

34-36 Au Pui Wan Street, Fotan 
Hong Kong

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