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Your spam complaint rate must be lower than 1 in 1,000 emails (0.1%). Your email bounce rate must be lower than 10% of all emails sent. If you exceed these limits, you are above industry standards.

Some mail types that we don’t allow:  

* Promote anything illegal 
* Offering to sell illegal goods or services 
* Emails that violate CAN-SPAM Laws  
* Emails that violate GDPR Laws 
* Pornography/sexually explicit content 
* Escort services 
* Pharmaceutical products  
* Gambling services or products  
* Multi-level marketing
* Make money online opportunities  
* Credit repair and get out of debt opportunities 
* Short-term / payday loan services  
* List brokers or list rental services 
* Emails that contain information that reveals racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, genetic data, biometric, data concerning health or data concerning an individual's sex life or
sexual orientation.  
* Any other content that we deem inappropriate. 

All email lists contained and/or used with respect to the service must be permission-based subscriptions. Use of a list that has been purchased or rented from a third party is prohibited. 

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